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Originally formed in '91/'92 by run of the mill adolescent angst - Anthony (Ant) currently playing with Channel 3, Dave, Rob, and then singer Jason began formulating not only a musical bond but a hardcore sound that stood out amidst the current trends of the time. As the band progressed...Gilly was added as a second guitarist 'round '93. Around the same time there was a switch at vocals with Jocko grabbing the mic and a monster was truly created. The band ran strong fer several years, and had a loyal fanbase that enjoyed chanting along to the likes of "Drink beer tonight", and "In my Room". The group as a whole was well founded on "old school" principles and this comes through in their sound. Gilly and Ant had been meddling in music together since 1990, as wee lil' lads the duo were set on creating music - Dave's use of his guitar as an outlet is unquestioned. Rob O was a fucking machine on the drums, getting him to slow down was impossible- the only way around it was fer the rest of the band to speed up. Jocko and his antics sealed the deal- an aggression unsurpassed - and live shows were quite a spectacle. This collaboration lasted until about '96 when Gilly left the band and was replaced by Ian. Soon there after, the band broke up, and members went there seperate ways, still the bond of these young men could not be broken...9 years later and dissapointed with the music scene , the Monster was resurrected. In October of '05 Godzilla had a reunion gig, with Birdbone taking a stab on vocals...The energy was overwhelming. The vitality of GZ's music has stood the test of time, and will forever...If you doubt, see the live show.

Jocko Gaspard passed away on 09-22-06, his words live on.......

Vocals - JOCKO ( 93'-200?)
Vocals- Birdbone( 2005-present)
Bass- Anthony "Ant" Thompson
Guitar- Brian "Gilly" Gilstrap
Guitar- "Corporate" Dave Settimi
Drums- ROB-O

old skool aggressive